Kinetic Archery and Arms began as a home based business in 2004.  Since then it has grown and expanded to become a full service archery and firearms shop.  For us, archery is not just a business, it is a passion.  We do it because it is something that we love.  We do it for the enjoyment of the sport, and we want to share and pass that experience along to our customers.

Kinetic Archery and Arms is owned and operated by Christopher Jonet.  Christopher has over 18 years of experience in the archery business.  In addition to working on the retail side, Christopher is also a certified archery mechanic and instructor, as well as a hunter safety instructor.  His specialty is modified back tension shooting.  Christopher was the archery coach for Team Wisconsin for the U.S. Indigenous Games in 2011.  That year, out of the 9 competitors on the team, they brought back 7 gold medals and 1 silver medal.


Our commitment to family values and a faith based approach is at the core of what we do.  We want that to reflect in every transaction that we make. 

We handle all things bow and firearms related: From hunting to target shooting to bowfishing, youth and elderly, men and women.  Let Kinetic Archery and Arms be your expert!

If you have any interest in archery or firearms, call to see what we can do for you!