I walked into Christopher’s shop inquiring about fitting myself and granddaughter with Bows for target shooting. He sold me 2 Bows and set us up with arrows and releases. In a hour and a half he had us shooting and I can’t thank him enough. He explained things so well. My granddaughter was shooting bull’s-eye’s and I still can’t wipe the smile from her face.  Thanks Chris!!

Kinetic Archery and Arms is a full service archery shop located in Lakewood, Wisconsin.  We carry a complete line of archery equipment, including: bows, crossbows, arrows, accessories and a selection of outdoor hunting gear.  We offer a full service archery equipment repair and maintenance workshop with a certified mechanic. 

We are a one stop vendor for all of your archery needs.  Whether you are a bow hunter, bow fisher, tournament archer, a boy/girl scout striving for a merit badge, or someone wanting to become involved and know more about the sport; Kinetic Archery and Arms is the right shop for you.  From advanced to beginner our friendly, approachable, and family oriented philosophy can meet your individual needs.